Salman Khan showed an example of Muslim-Hindu unity during the coronation period

Salman Khan showed an example of Muslim-Hindu unity during the coronation period

Coronavirus has spread globally. Within this catastrophic scenario, the celebrities will also be playing a part in the advantage of these people. Many Bollywood celebrities have come forward to take care of the coronavirus. Superstar Salman Khan can be playing a significant part by raising his hands of support. Bollywood Bhaijaan is a dispersing fascination. This time, the superstar came up in another circumstance.

Corona has altered the circumstance. People who can afford are increasing their hands in support. At this moment, the stability of stability is getting more powerful. Salman has proven an illustration. B-Town lovers are aware that the celebrity himself is a believer in the royal consciousness. Salman gave the caption by discussing the photograph, the instance was created… Together with the hashtag, the celebrity also wrote that India is combating Corona.

On account of this international epidemic coronavirus, lockdown is happening in several nations of the world such as India. And as a consequence of this, the devout Muslims must pray in the home in Shabbara. On this specific afternoon, Salman Khan thanked Islamists before minding lockdown rules.

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Setting examples… #IndiaFightsCorona

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On such an afternoon, Salman published two movies on Instagram. It’s a massive cemetery gate, that has been closed because of lockdown. Another is on a paved street in Mumbai. Salman wrote in this article,’ Wow! Thank you for listening and understanding the specific situation of the nation.