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Sangakkara is the president of MCC for the second Time

Sangakkara is the president of MCC for the second Time

The former celebrity cricketer’s expression as MCC president was extended for another year as a result of the unprecedented situations made by the coronavirus which has taken shape in the outbreak across the world. History has indicated that because of this unprecedented situation, just 3 individuals are the president of the elite cricket club in Britain for at least a year. To put it differently, Sangakkara became the president of the Marylebone Cricket Club following 1821 to become the president.

In a media release, the MCC stated, “The Marylebone Cricket Club government has opted to extend the term of President Kumar Sangakkara, that began October 1, 2019, to September 30, 2021, as a result of stalemate in world cricket because of Covid19.”

It must be noted that Kumar Sangakkara had a fantastic focus on his address in 2011 MCC Cowdrey. After that, he developed a close relationship with all the Marylebone Cricket Club. Then he obtained an honorary life membership in the MCC in 2012, in addition to a location on the MCC World Cricket Committee. Sangakkara continues to be an active member of the MCC since that time. The former Sri Lankan superstar took over as MCC’s initial non-British president this past year.

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