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Scotland loss against Japan at World Cup leaves former US star unimpressed

Kanyu Kisbe
Kanyu Kisbe

Solo, working for the BBC as a scholar during the World Cup, disagrees with the coach of Shelley Car of Scotland and criticized Jenny BT for achieving Japan’s important goal.

Scotland’s captain Rachel Cowie allowed the home Yamauchi to return home from the edge of the box in the 23rd minute, the first goal of Japan.

Read: Sam Kare – Australia’s million dollar player who has become a champion, transit can be difficult for many television televisions, especially critics and team reports. So Solo, who criticized Scotland’s first-half strategy, central thinks that Defender Beattie should do more work to prevent the goal. “He should stand outside the box and block the shot and shut him down” – said Solo – his international day goal in the United States – in the analysis of the variation of the game for the BBC. “This is the World Cup, do not walk behind you.” Initially, the punishment given to Japan was half after the half, it does not have any of Solos.

The United States said that the Korean should not have contacted Eukika Sugasaw, who came out of the field before moving ahead 2-0. “We are always critical,” Scotland coach Kersh told the BBC after playing BBC “But, strategically, I thought we got the right thing.” Japan’s movement is so incredible because there is little coordination here, their strikers create many problems. “A defective Korsi BBC Radio told Scotland:” It was frustrated by a personal note.

We were not well enough to defend the first half and it eventually spent our game. “Japan controls the first half of Japan, which won the World Cup in 2011, and after four years, Solar achieved second place in the US Opening. Between a box inside the box in the 27th minute, Betty closed a possible goal and Hina Sugita hit the first half bar Hit the bar as did against England, Scotland – in the first World Cup – in the second half Irene Cuthbert when it lost on Nov. 2-0 to move into the lead.

Cuthbert’s shot hit the post in the 78th minute and calls for penalties – nothing was given – when Chelsea midfielder went to the ground after a few seconds in the clash. The referee did not specify the spot for Japan’s handball. Scotland’s consolidation came out of Japan’s nan is cheese, under any pressure, its passes could be seen directly instead of Laane Clelland.

In the 88th minute, Ikk defeated Yamanastay outside the box’s curly effort, but Scotland did not create another opportunity. Solo said, “The Scottish players had hats because some great personal attempts were but were not too late and the verdict was still effective”. “I think what changed their game has made new grounds in the field, and this is not a strategy for me.” Solo, whose simple analysis won a lot of praise from social media, is not working as a pundit after the national team’s contract was canceled in 2016.

After the defeat of Brazil’s Quarterfinals Olympic, Sweden’s side is called “coward cluster”. But Solo felt that it was clearly revealed if he asked for equal pay for men’s national team. US football denies that denial

Kanyu Kisbe

Kanyu Kisbe is a admin and founder of Kanyu is great writer, editor and good sports columnist.