Sean O’Malley says Marlon Vera rematch: targets UFC title fight

Sean O’Malley says Marlon Vera rematch: targets UFC title fight

O'Malley and Vera battled at UFC 252 in August of 2020, which was the co-headliner, and an exceptionally captivating bantamweight scrap. It was set to be the hardest trial of his profession and almost immediately, O'Malley was doing great yet Vera then, at that point, began going after O'Malley's leg, and in the end, his leg gave out and the battle was halted.

From that point forward, O'Malley has said he hasn't lost as the injury was an accident yet after Vera beat Rob Font, 'Suga' says 'Chito' has procured the rematch.

"Previously, I said he must procure a rematch, and I believe he's done that," O'Malley said of Vera on The MMA Hour. "He went out there, lost to Jose Aldo, went out there and lost to Frankie Edgar and afterward beat him with, you know, he fundamentally lost to Frankie. He lost 13 minutes of a battle.

"No, he did, he completed Frankie. With two additional minutes in that battle, that's what he loses. In any case, I will, I'll say it, he took out Frankie," O'Malley proceeded. "Then, at that point, he went out there and he looked great against Rob, he looked amazing against Rob, he seemed as though he most certainly gotten to the next level. I don't have the foggiest idea how he didn't complete him — he dropped him multiple times. So he's most certainly improved and he's procured that rematch. Individuals can't stand when that's what I say, however it's valid — he acquired it."

Sean O'Malley accepts the rematch is an enormous battle and one many fans need to see. He likewise thinks this was generally the arrangement for the UFC to have them run it back once the two of them got a few successes under their belts.

Notwithstanding, for the rematch to occur, O'Malley should beat Pedro Munhoz at UFC 276 on July 2.

"It's a major battle, and that is what I've been talking about since that battle occurred," O'Malley said. "They're like, 'Goodness, you need a rematch?' I'm like, 'No, I believe he should do what he's done, which is fabricate his list of references.' Go out there, lose to Aldo, nearly lose to Frankie, and afterward beat Rob, so he's procured it. Also, I must go out there and beat Pedro.

"This is somewhat the very thing I anticipated. Not expected — I couldn't say whether he would have been ready to proceed to win these battles. In any case, this is the thing I was envisioning assuming we got a rematch, that we were both going to keep endlessly winning and afterward arrive."