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Serena Williams responded to the Federer volley challenge Video

Serena Williams responded to the Federer volley challenge Video

Global pandemic Coronavirus induced all kinds of sports to prevent global. So at this time, fans and fans are in the home, throwing a volley challenge’ by Korean tennis superstar Roger Federer.

It’s been reported that Federer uploaded a movie of his volleying a tennis volley roughly 200 days to the lovers onto Twitter, standing a brief distance from the wall. Not simply the fans ceased.

Federer admitted the challenge of performing this volley and answered Blackout American tennis superstar Serena Williams. He revealed this game without falling a wonderful blend of racket and ball around the walls of the home.

He said ‘I could do it well since I am using Roger’s (Federer) present racket throughout the Hopman Cup a couple of years back. That is Fantastic.’

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