Sergio Perez throws in the towel for Singapore GP: We're lost

Red Bull will have to live the other side of the coin at the Singapore Grand Prix, starting from the back and without the favorites’ tag.

Sergio Perez will have a tougher time, as he will have to start from thirteenth position after struggling in Q2 ahead of Sunday’s race.

“We couldn’t find the grip, the first sector we were sliding quite a lot,” Perez noted.

“From Q1 to Q2 things got worse. I don’t know what happened.

For Checo, the situation that the Austrian team is going through is worrying, since they put in question the 15th victory in the F1 Season 2023.

“It was a disaster, I think we could go to Q3 but today we had no rhythm at all, we are quite lost there,” he added.

“We improved on the rear axle, but the balance was not positive in the whole qualifying, especially from Q1 to Q2, we took a step back.

“I had problems with the engine. When we accelerate we have jumps in the acceleration and that makes us lose traction.”

To conclude, Perez is not optimistic about getting a good result for the Singapore Grand Prix, as it will depend on external factors.

“It’s very difficult to do anything here, [we’ll be] waiting for Safety Cars because it’s very difficult to overtake,” he continued.

“We knew that Qualifying was important and today we couldn’t do anything”.

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