Serie A to start on June 13 after receiving green signal from government

Serie A to start on June 13 after receiving green signal from government

The top Serie A clubs want to return to the competition from June 13 after receiving a green signal from the government. A statement from Serie A said: “In line with the government’s decision and in accordance with the rules of hygiene, the clubs have stated that they are ready to return to the field on the 13th of next month.”

Due to the Corona epidemic, all kinds of sports events have been closed in Italy since March 9. Corona has so far killed more than 31,000 people in the country.

All 20 Serie A clubs have already announced their intention to end the season at once. But for the first time, the clubs announced a date to return to the field. Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadaphora told the Italian parliament that he had received a letter from Gabriel Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation.

“Gravina informed me that the Federal Government’s Technical and Scientific Committee has complied with all the recommendations and has adapted to the appropriate hygiene regulations,” Spadafora said. That is why there is no obstacle for them to return to full practice from May 16. ‘

After a two-month lockdown, Serie A teams have returned to private practice from May 4. The group session is starting from next Monday in strict conditions.

Juventus are currently one point ahead of Lazio at the top of the Serie A table. The Turin giants will take to the field to win nine titles in a row.