Shikhar Dhawan broke up with his wife

Shikhar Dhawan broke up with his wife

Ayesha Dhawan, wife of Indian cricketer Shekhar Dhawan, shared their separation on Instagram. Which has become a topic of discussion in the net neighborhood.

In 2009, the two met through the Internet. Shikhar Dhawan liked to see Ayesha Mukherjee's picture on Facebook. It was later learned that Harbhajan Singh was a mutual friend of the two. But at that time the Delhi opener did not get a place in the national team. So the marriage was postponed. In the end, the four hands became one in 2012. Exactly two years later a son was born. Noise has never been heard about the relationship between the two.

Ayesha went on many trips to her home country India and abroad with Shikhar. Everyone knew they were a happy couple. But it was not understood that the bad news would come this way. On Tuesday (September 7), Ayesha made a big post on her social media about divorce. There he said that enduring a double divorce is not an easy task. In the past, when he divorced an Australian businessman, he felt guilty.

Frightened, felt humiliated. The situation is the same again. Many have thought that there is a conflict going on in the mind. Finally decided. Now the fear seems to have disappeared. Feeling light yourself. However, Ayesha prayed that this would not happen in other people's lives.

Ayesha has already deleted the name 'Ayesha Dhawan' from her social media. Ayesha has made a post about this. In that post on Instagram, Ayesha wrote, “I am really smiling, how can I write some difficult words. This is the first experience as a divorce. The first time I heard about divorce, I was really scared. I felt like I had failed and I was doing something very wrong at the time. ”

Ayesha further wrote, “I felt like I had disappointed everyone and even felt selfish. I felt like I was disappointing my parents, I felt like I was humiliating my child and even a little bit I felt like I was humiliating God. Divorce is such a dirty word. ”

However, Shikhar Dhawan himself did not officially announce anything. But according to reliable sources, the separation of the two has been finalized.