Should the NFL Incorporate a Cy Young Award?

Should the NFL Incorporate a Cy Young Award?

It is no secret that the NFL is a quarterback driven league. Quarterbacks are the faces of the franchises and realistically the faces of the league. Sunday and Monday night games are often headlined by the two quarterbacks. Rodgers vs. Brady and Mahomes vs. Lamar viewers come to watch these matchups. The last eight NFL MVPs and 13 out of the last 14 have been quarterbacks. This begs the question, should there be a separate award for best quarterback in the NFL?

The NFL Cy Young Award

The MLB has a Cy Young Award in place to help differentiate between the best pitcher and the best position player. This has really helped to determine who is the best pitcher and best positional player in baseball. The pitcher position and the quarterback position is similar in that both positions have the most control over the game at any point. Every other position in both games are basing their first move off of the pitcher/quarterbacks first move.

The positives to having this award in the NFL would be that players like pass rushers, running backs and defensive backs would get the recognition that they deserve. If the NFL had Cy Young voting like the NFL does, it would also give us a more efficient way to determine who the best quarterback was in the past season. Players like Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson were some of the best players in NFL history. Something that is missing from their legacy though is an MVP award. Matt Ryan has won an MVP but Jerry Rice hasn't.

The biggest argument for the NFL to adopt a Cy Young type award is that people are tired of watching quarterbacks win the MVP every season, when there are other players in the NFL who can be considered the best. Is Patrick Mahomes the best player in football? Maybe. But players like Aaron Donald and Derrick Henry are pretty close. Sure they have the Offensive Player of the Year and the Defensive Player of the Year in place, but that once again doesn't really prove who the best player in football is.