Sky Sports announce they will charge £26.95 for Anthony Joshua's Saudi rematch

Sky Sports announce they will charge £26.95 for Anthony Joshua's Saudi rematch

Boxing fans have expressed their anger at the Sky Sports Pay-Per-View (PPV) price for Anthony Joshua's rematch with Alexander Usyk on August 20. The pair will trade blows again for the WBA, WBO, IBF, and IBO heavyweight titles in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next month.

Despite Joshua signing a £100m deal with streaming giants Dazn, Sky Sports will show the spectacular rematch on PPV. The media giant won the rights to show it at the Box Office for the sum of £25 million.

When Usyk beat AJ at Tottenham Stadium last September, Sky charged each of its customers £24.95 to watch the event. And now the price has been increased by a further £2, taking this rematch to the highest PPV price in British boxing history at £26.95 per user.

This prompted fans to take to social media to criticize the insanely high price tag for the fight, which was dubbed Red Sea Fury.

One user tweeted: “Won't watch it at this price though... First leg... was a joke at £19.99 but we paid for it but £26.95? No chance."

Another noted: “No wonder people will use illegal channels and whatnot. £27 is becoming a joke now. It won't be long before Amazon and DAZN take everything with the ridiculous prices of Sky and BT."

A third added: "£27 for one fight... Wow!!" Another fan sarcastically reported: "Cheers for the price increase!" Meanwhile, one joked: "£27 and wonder why people stream illegally." Another said: " I've watched most of Joshua's fights so far and I've paid, but I'm missing this one.''

Unable to contain his disappointment, one of them simply said, “Simple greed. Losing a regular customer' One then joked: "£26.95. At that price the only winner is Sky Box Office."