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Smith wants to see Sourav Ganguly as ICC president

Smith wants to see Sourav Ganguly as ICC president

Shashank Manohar’s term as ICC president is coming to an end this month. Then who will be the president of ICC? Cricket South Africa (CSA) director and former captain Graeme Smith have said he would like to see Ganguly as the next ICC president.

CSA chief Jack Fowl also backed Sourav. There is no problem if any Indian takes charge of the ICC, he said. Meanwhile, Manohar’s term may be extended by two months due to the Corona epidemic. Smith put the competition in place. Colin Graves, the former head of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is vying for the presidency, according to media reports.

“It would be nice to see someone like Saurabh Ganguly from our position as ICC president,” Smith told reporters. It will be good for the game. He understands the game. Played at the highest level. His leadership will be most useful.

David Gower also backed Sourav before the former South African captain spoke. The former England captain said Sourav had the political clout to become ICC president.

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