Some States Will Confront Wet Weather on Super Tuesday


It’s debatable how much weather affects voter turnout, but the forecast is closely monitored on Election Days all the same.

And on Tuesday, several states have rain or snow in the forecast.

After a major winter storm buried the Sierra Nevada and portions of the Mountain West in snow last weekend, lingering snow showers will continue in the mountains of Northern California, Utah and Colorado on Tuesday.

The outlook is better in Texas and Oklahoma. Parts of both states dealt with poor weather conditions last week that allowed wildfires to rage, but on Tuesday pleasant weather is expected. Minnesota will also have fair weather, with just slightly above-average temperatures.

Two coastal storms will affect most of the remaining states that have primaries on Tuesday, though, bringing at least a chance of rain to the South and Northeast. A Gulf Coast storm system will bring showers throughout the day in Arkansas and Tennessee. Those showers may turn heavier in Alabama toward the end of the day.

Eastern Virginia is likely to experience showers from Arlington to Virginia Beach. A steadier rain is probable in Massachusetts, Vermont and southern Maine.

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