South African cricket in crisis

South Africa's risk ban from the government has taken control of cricket in the country

South African cricket in crisis

South Africa was banished from international cricket for 21 years in the last century due to racism. The country is in danger of being banned from cricket again for different reasons.

The country's Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has ordered the removal of top officials, including the CSA's governing body and chief executive, over allegations of corruption. The control of Proteas cricket is now in the hands of the country's Olympic Committee. Which puts them at risk of deportation from the international arena.

The Olympic Committee has complained that board officials have a record of corruption and mismanagement in South African cricket since 2019. As a result, they have no chance to be in charge. An investigation committee has already been formed against them.

The investigation committee will submit the final report within the next one month. According to the official decision, the South African Sports Confederation and the Olympic Committee will handle the work of the board during this time.

The constitution of the ICC

Government interference in the cricket board of any country is strictly prohibited.

(That is why the Zimbabwe Cricket Board was banned last year.)

If Cricket South Africa is banned from the ICC, it will be the second time in the history of cricket that they have been banned. The country was previously banned from international cricket from 1970 to 1991 due to racism.