Spanish La Liga does not follow hygiene rules

Spanish La Liga does not follow hygiene rules

The biggest condition before the start of the league was to strictly adhere to hygiene rules. The games will be held in a stadium without spectators.

The game is being held in a stadium without spectators. But the rest of the hygienic conditions are chaotic. On the second day of the start of La Liga, it has returned to its previous state. Embracing each other after the goal, pushing each other in the match, coming close to each other unnecessarily – all seen in La Liga matches. Even when it comes to water breaks or leaving the field, it is seen that the players are not obeying the social distance.

The situation on the field was exactly the same as it was before the start of the coronavirus epidemic in Friday’s matches. There is no change. Two matches were held in La Liga on Friday. Granada lost 2-1 to Getafe. Valencia drew 1-1 with Levante.

The only exceptional scene in these two matches was when the footballer was injured due to a hard tackle on the field after the health workers came down to the field wearing masks. In addition, players have been seen coming into contact with each other unnecessarily on the field on a regular basis. After the goal was seen to celebrate by hugging. Or to shake hands. Even the players of the two teams were seen pushing each other on the field after a hard tackle.

Another image off the field. The reserve players, the players used as substitutes and the assistant coaches sat in the chairs empty and at a distance, but no masks were seen on their faces.

The biggest difference has been seen in the case of TV viewers. Trying to artificially add sound for TV viewers. So that it will feel like the match is being held in a stadium full of spectators. But it was too bad to hear the artificially created sound because of the bad graphics. Quite the opposite than professional video games.