Spike Lee is a 3-minute short film about COVID-19

Spike Lee is a 3-minute short film about COVID-19

Empty town, vacant Wall Street, vacant park, empty road. Empty subway, theatre, Yankee Stadium, and Wall Street. There’s nobody in the front of the UN headquarters. A swing moving alone at the playground. Nobody even walked round the Brooklyn Bridge standing.

The town is vacant, Lee told CNN. Seeing this, my heart twisted. But in the close of the film, we get to see that the folks of New York. And I truly love my town.

In the close of the image, a few folks are observed singing and clapping in the porch and roof of the home. Giving courage and strength to one another from afar in tough times. Health employees are moving with constant support. Due to the men and women who worked in the danger of their own lives by building walls between COVID-19 and individuals even now by means of this picture.

Producer Spike Lee won the Oscar for its first time at the Best Screenplay (Adapted) group for its movie’ Blackkklansman’ in 2019. However, his announcement about getting the award has received more answers than the award. Since in that address, he retreated the forthcoming US election.


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