Sri Lanka proposes to host IPL

Sri Lanka proposes to host IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) was left behind forever as a result of coronavirus. The Cricket Board of India (BCCI) needs to start this franchise-based Twenty20 championship in a secure time following year. If that’s the scenario, they would like to arrange IPL in their area,’I believe Sri Lanka is going to be published prior to India out of Coronavirus. If that’s true, we could host the contest (IPL) here.

This year-old IPL was scheduled to be performed on March 29. However, the coronavirus was dispersed throughout India and has been postponed until the 15 April. The popular competition was postponed indefinitely.

In India, the number of fatal COVID-19 disease cases is increasing steadily. As of Thursday, 12 thousand 5 people were affected in the country, and 423 died. The situation in Sri Lanka is much better than that. So far, 238 people have been attacked and 7 have died.

BCCI secretary Joy Shah on Thursday declared the next stage of this IPL suspension. But, eight franchises were advised the day before. Additionally, on the surface of worrisome conditions, the Indian government’s lockdown period was extended until May 3, leaving the 13th version of this IPL unavoidable.

The Indian press is speculating that when the catastrophe arises, IPL might be held alongside September-October ahead of the Twenty20 World Cup on Australian land.