Stuart Broad is getting ready to play in a new environment For Cricket

Stuart Broad is getting ready to play in a new environment For Cricket

The cricketers are likely to see another atmosphere next moment. The noise of bat-ball, no sound aside from the noise of teammates. Global cricket is coming into 22 yards after over three weeks at a stadium with no audiences. The huge challenge for cricketers would be to adapt to the new surroundings, in other words, the area without audiences, particularly Test cricket.

Cricket returns together with all the England v West Indies Test match in Southampton on 8 July. Global cricket has been suspended since early March because of coronavirus infection.

“I feel that the sensation of playing a game with no spectator is quite distinct,” he explained. I believe now playing global cricket is a psychological evaluation. Meanwhile, I’ve spoken to psychologists. So I can be mentally prepared to present my best at a spectators test.

The veteran cricketer also took advice from his mother to find joy in the game. “Before coming here, my mother told me, ‘Go back to the age of 12, when you want to play cricket anywhere.’ I am trying to get that mentality back.” Of course, we are playing Test matches for England now. But the thing that was at the age of 12, I just wanted to play at any cost. If I removed the window curtain on a holiday morning and saw it raining outside, I would feel bad. Trying to find that thrill and joy of cricket. If you think like this, you can feel the vitality inside. ‘

“I have to develop a mindset that doesn’t feel like ‘nothing is happening here, I can’t see anyone,'” he said.