T20 Vitality Blast 2022: Schedule, TV Channel, Live Coverage

Vitality Blast 2022 Live Stream
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This year marks the 20th season of T20 cricket in England after the tournament launched in 2003 as the Twenty20 Cup. Of the 18 first-class counties, 12 have won the competition, but no side has claimed the title two years in a row.

The T20 Vitality Blast 2022 competition of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) will be starting on 25th May this year and The Final game Saturday, July 16.

T20 Vitality Blast 2022 Live TV Channel

The ECB website and app will live stream every match that takes place in the tournament. The competition can also be followed across ECB’s various social media channels.

Live streaming of Vitality T20 Blast 2022 in India will be available for select matches on the Sky Sports Main Event & Sky Sports Cricket.

2022 T20 Vitality Blast Schedule

The group stages will take over a period of 40 days. The last group match will commence on July 3.

  • Wednesday, May 25

Kent vs Somerset

Yorkshire vs Worcestershire

  • Thursday, May 26

Birmingham vs Northamptonshire

Middlesex vs Gloucestershire

Leicestershire vs Durham

Sussex vs Glamorgan

  • Friday, May 27

Gloucestershire vs Sussex

Lancashire vs Yorkshire

Surrey vs Glamorgan

Northamptonshire vs Durham

Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire

Hampshire vs Middlesex

Kent vs Essex

Derbyshire vs Birmingham

  • Saturday, May 28

Leicestershire vs Derbyshire

  • Sunday, May 29

Birmingham vs Durham

Lancashire vs Worcestershire

Middlesex vs Glamorgan

Sussex vs Kent

Yorkshire vs Leicestershire

Somerset vs Essex

  • Monday, May 30

Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire

Hampshire vs Somerset

  • Monday, May 31

Yorkshire vs Derbyshire

Surrey vs Gloucestershire

Nottinghamshire vs Lancashire

Essex vs Hampshire

  • Wednesday, June 1

Lancashire vs Derbyshire

Gloucestershire vs Kent

Durham vs Worcestershire

Somerset vs Sussex

Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire

  • Thursday, June 2

Birmingham vs Leicestershire

Surrey vs Hampshire

Glamorgan vs Essex

  • Friday, June 3

Worcestershire vs Birmingham

Gloucestershire vs Essex

Lancashire vs Northamptonshire

Yorkshire vs Durham

Somerset vs Glamorgan

Kent vs Surrey

Sussex vs Middlesex

Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire

  • Saturday, June 4

Hampshire vs Sussex

  • Sunday, June 5

Kent vs Middlesex

Birmingham vs Nottinghamshire

Worcestershire vs Leicestershire

Durham vs Northamptonshire

Glamorgan vs Surrey

  • Monday, June 6

Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire

  • Tuesday, June 7

Middlesex vs Hampshire

Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire

Leicestershire vs Lancashire

Essex vs Kent

  • Wednesday, June 8

Yorkshire vs Lancashire

Surrey vs Sussex

Durham vs Birmingham

  • Thursday, June 9

Middlesex vs Surrey

Gloucestershire vs Somerset

Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire

Hampshire vs Essex

Derbyshire vs Leicestershire

  • Friday, June 10

Worcestershire vs Derbyshire

Birmingham vs Yorkshire

Durham vs Lancashire

Glamorgan vs Hampshire

Somerset vs Kent

Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire

Sussex vs Gloucestershire

Essex vs Middlesex

  • Friday, June 17

Surrey vs Middlesex

Durham vs Yorkshire

Somerset vs Gloucestershire

Northamptonshire vs Lancashire

Nottinghamshire vs Birmingham

Leicestershire vs Worcestershire

Hampshire vs Kent

Essex vs Sussex

  • Saturday, June 18

Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan

Derbyshire vs Yorkshire

Worcestershire vs Northamptonshire

  • Sunday, June 19

Hampshire vs Surrey

Birmingham vs Derbyshire

Middlesex vs Kent

Durham vs Leicestershire

Glamorgan vs Sussex

Lancashire vs Nottinghamshire

Essex vs Somerset

  • Tuesday, June 21

Surrey vs Somerset

Glamorgan vs Middlesex

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire

Kent vs Gloucestershire

Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire

  • Wednesday, June 22

Northamptonshire vs Birmingham

  • Thursday, June 23

Middlesex vs Essex

Worcestershire vs Yorkshire

Lancashire vs Durham

Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire

Sussex vs Surrey

Somerset vs Hampshire

  • Friday, June 24

Gloucestershire vs Hampshire

Birmingham vs Worcestershire

Durham vs Nottinghamshire

Glamorgan vs Somerset

Northamptonshire vs Yorkshire

Kent vs Sussex

Essex vs Surrey

Derbyshire vs Lancashire

  • Friday, July 1

Worcestershire vs Lancashire

Yorkshire vs Birmingham

Surrey vs Kent

Middlesex vs Somerset

Nottinghamshire vs Durham

Leicestershire vs Northamptonshire

Hampshire vs Gloucestershire

Sussex vs Essex

  • Saturday, July 2

Essex vs Glamorgan

  • Sunday, July 3

Gloucestershire vs Middlesex

Kent vs Glamorgan

Lancashire vs Birmingham

Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire

Sussex vs Hampshire

Derbyshire vs Durham

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire

Somerset vs Surrey

  • Wednesday, July 6

Quarter-final 1

  • Friday, July 8

Quarter-final 2

Quarter-final 3

  • Saturday, July 9

Quarter-final 4

  • Saturday, July 16

Semi-final 1

Semi-final 2

Vitality T20 Blast 2022 final