T20 World Cup It's not over yet 2021: Kohli

T20 World Cup It's not over yet 2021: Kohli

After Pakistan in the Super Twelve of the T20 World Cup, India also lost to New Zealand by 8 wickets last Sunday night. And lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets. After losing two matches in a row, India's path to the semi-finals has become difficult. The Indian captain said the reason for the loss to New Zealand was that his team was not brave with the bat and ball.

At the end of the match, Kohli said, 'It looks strange. We were not brave in either bat or ball. We have noticed a lack of courage since we got off the field. In this case, New Zealand was far ahead of us. They put pressure on us from the first over and held on. We were hesitant while batting.

Disappointed with the batsmen's performance, Kohli said, "Every time we try a big shot in batting, we lose wickets. That could happen in T20 cricket. But the batsmen were probably skeptical here. ' Asked if India could not withstand the pressure of expectations, Kohli said, "If we play for India, there will be expectations." You also have to take pressure. So in the match that we will take the field, we have to handle the pressure. It is possible to overcome this pressure if we are united as a team.

India's next three matches in the group stage are against Afghanistan-Scotland and Namibia. To play in the semis, you have to win these three matches, as well as wait for the Afghanistan-New Zealand rate.

But Kohli doesn't think it's all over now, 'I think it's all right now. It's not over yet. There is still a lot of cricket left to play. We have to stand on our own two feet. '