Tanzim Hasan Sakib apologises for ‘misogynistic’ posts on social media

Pacer Tanzim Hasan Sakib who was handed his ODI debut in  Bangladesh’s final Asia Cup match against India, has apologised for posting derogatory remarks against women on social media.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) communicated with him regarding his stance on the matter and Sakib acknowledged his mistakes. He also claimed that he is not a misogynist. BCB has cautioned him about the incident. Jalal Yunus, the Chairman of the Cricket Operations Division of BCB, confirmed the media on Tuesday.

“We discussed with Sakib (regarding the posts). He didn’t intend to hurt anyone through his posts. And if anyone was hurt, he apologised for that,” Jalal Yunus said.

“My mother is a woman. I can never be a misogynist,” Jalal quoted Tanjim Sakib. 

“We have told him to be wary and we have relayed to him that BCB will monitor any further posts he makes,” the BCB official added. 

Sakib had a remarkable international debut picking up two wickets and defending 12 runs in the last over. After his debut, some of his old Facebook posts resurfaced on the internet where he had made derogatory remarks about the conduct of working women and questioned the integrity of female students who attend the same universities as their male peers.

In one of these posts, Sakib wrote: “If the wife works (outside the home), the husband’s rights are not fulfilled; if the wife works, the child’s rights are not fulfilled; if the wife works, her charm is lost; if the wife works, the family is destroyed; if the wife works, the screen is destroyed; if the wife works, the society is destroyed.”  

In another post, which he eventually removed, he expressed: “Marrying a girl who is used to the free-mixing hangouts of university life means you will never be able to provide a dignified mother for your child.”

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