Team USA 34 swimmers name on Tokyo 2020 Paralympic

Team USA 34 swimmers name on Tokyo 2020 Paralympic

US Paralympics Swimming has declared a group of 34 competitors for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, containing 10 men and 24 ladies. Among them will be 11 debutants, who will address the United States at the Games interestingly.

Swimmers were chosen dependent on exhibitions from the US Paralympic Team Trials in Minneapolis, just as results from the new World Para Swimming Series in Lewisville. Number one-positioned breaststroke swimmer and newbie David Abrahams drives the men's group alongside four-time Paralympian Rudy Garcia-Tolson. Additionally in the men's crew are 2019 title holders Evan Austin and Robert Griswold, who have recently addressed the US at the Games.

The other six men's members are all debutants: Parker Egbert, Jamal Hill, Joey Peppersack, Lawrence Sapp, Zachary Shattuck and Matthew Torres.

Jessica Long - a 23-time Paralympic medallist - leads a strong women's team and is backed up by fellow Paralympic champions McKenzie Coan, Elizabeth Marks, Rebecca Meyers and Mallory Weggemann.

After making her Paralympic debut at Athens 2004 at the age of 12, this will be Long's fifth Games at the age of 29.

"I'm a veteran so I know when to perform under pressure in a very, very big Paralympic environment and that's what I'm really looking forward to," said Long following the trials on Saturday (June 19).

"This job was to make the team and swim fast, and I feel like I did that; but in Tokyo is where I shine under pressure."

Double bronze medallist Hannah Aspden, silver medallist Sophia Herzog, two-time medallist Lizzi Smith and bronze medallist Colleen Young all make the team, as well as Paralympians McLain Hermes, Martha Ruether and Natalie Sims.

Rising stars Julia Gaffney, Anastasia Pagonis, Gia Pergolini and Morgan Stickney have all been selected for the first time.

Other members of the women's team are Cailin Currie, Mikaela Jenkins, Keegan Knott, Ahalya Lettenberger, Makayla Nietzel, Summer Schmit, Haven Shepherd, Leanne Smith and Elizabeth Smith.

Team USA 34 Swimmers

Men’s names
David Abrahams
Evan Austin
Parker Egbert
Rudy Garcia-Tolson
Robert Griswold
Jamal Hill
Joey Peppersack
Lawrence Sapp
Zachary Shattuck
Matthew Torres

Women’s names
Hannah Aspden
McKenzie Coan
Cailin Currie
Julia Gaffney
McClain Hermes
Sophia Herzog
Mikaela Jenkins
Keegan Knott
Ahalya Lettenberger
Jessica Long
Elizabeth Marks
Rebecca Meyers
Makayla Nietzel
Anastasia Pagonis
Gia Pergolini
Martha Ruether
Summer Schmit
Haven Shepherd
Natalie Sims
Leanne Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Morgan Stickney
Mallory Weggemann
Colleen Young