Tennis exhibition matches were held according to the rules

Tennis exhibition matches were held according to the rules

Two days ago, the International Tennis Federation issued a new guideline. Where different rules are laid down for players and match officials in the post-Corona period. Can’t shake hands, can’t share anything, a lot of things. It was as if he had been trained in Germany. The exhibition match was held at a certain distance without a handshake after the mask.

However, the effect of the corona in Germany is less than in other European countries. And considering that, it is normal for them to play such a match.

As of Sunday, more than 164,000 people in the country have been affected by corona. And about six and a half thousand died. On the other hand, more than one lakh 30 thousand people have returned home healthy. This means that the Germans are gradually improving. That is why every door of the stadium is being opened.

The German league clubs have already practiced. This time it also became a warm-up in tennis. Even then they are cautious. There were no spectators, no officials, no ballboys in the exhibition match.

The players came to the court after the mask. Then step-by-step techniques are used to avoid the risk of COVID-19. Sanitizer, it was all about keeping the distance. All in all, this match gave a hint of fighting again on the tennis court. Where all professional tennis tournaments have been closed since last March.


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