Teofimo Lopez vs Pedro Campa full fight video and results

Teofimo Lopez vs Pedro Campa full fight video and results

Previous IBF, WBO, and WBA lightweight hero Teofilmo Lopez crushed Pedro Campa by TKO in the seventh round of this evening's headliner in Las Vegas. Lopez asserted the empty WBO and NABF International belts with the success.

Currently in the main round, the American, known by the epithet The Takeover, got going effectively, scoring a progression of shots and winning the part. In the subsequent round, Campa retaliated, however winning the round wasn't sufficient. In the fourth round, Lopez handled a whirlwind of punches at the finish of the round and won it.

It was only after the fifth round that Campa appeared as though the person who got the better of his adversary. In the 6th round, the Mexican's eye started to expand. In the part, the elastic in Lopez's mouth took off and the ref needed to get it, wash it and give it back to the fighter.

The conclusive second came in the seventh of 10 rounds. A left snare from Lopez went solidly into Campa's jawline and sent him rambling on the ground. Arbitrator Weeks builds up to 8 preceding the Mexican gets to his feet. Three additional strong passes up Lopez continued in the adversary's nose, and the ref finished the battle.

It was Lopez's first fight in almost 9 months, and he lost his last fight.