Test Confirmed: Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with lung cancer

Test Confirmed: Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with lung cancer

Bollywood's 'Munna Bhai' actor Sanjay Dutt was admitted to hospital on August 8 in critical condition with shortness of breath. Returning home after two days of treatment, he said he was fine. But suddenly on Tuesday, the doctors gave bad news about his physical condition. He has been diagnosed with a deadly lung cancer.

One push after another in Bollywood. There has been a flurry of bad news from the film industry this year, with no sign of stopping. Munnabhai's name was added to the list of bad news. It is learned that Sanjay Dutt is suffering from cancer. Again, not at an early stage. Munnabhai was diagnosed with lung cancer in stage four.

His investigation disclosed he was afflicted by phase 4 lung cancer. "After he had been brought for the hospital, then he also had been cut on oxygen modification. Nevertheless, while his Covid-19 report arrived true, '' he conducted cancer diagnosis also it arrived up positive," explained a resource from a healthcare facility. After contacted his dealing with a physician, doctor Jalil Parker, denied earning any remark onto it mentioning citizenship.

On Tuesday, Sanjay experienced introduced he had been carrying a quick break' out of benefit'a few treatments'. "hello buddies, I'm carrying a brief rest out of work to get some treatment" Even the Khalnaayak celebrity farther mentioned"My loved ones and good friends are together with me personally and that I recommend my wellwishers perhaps not to stress or speculate. Together with your own love and excellent dreams, I'll soon be straight back "

Corona is not affected, as soon as it becomes clear, Sanjay Dutt is diagnosed with cancer. Whose report comes positive. Although Munnabhai was being treated by the doctor, he did not want to comment on the patient's physical condition.