Texans vs Packers Live Stream Watch Online NFL

Texans vs Packers Live Stream Watch Online NFL

Texans vs Packers Live Stream

The Texans will take part in the Packers convention of riding bikes to clinics. To offer you a ride into the Texans players, children are asked to line up with their bicycles near the visitor’s locker room door, situated adjacent to the South Gate on the south end of Lambeau Field from Valley View Road.

Riders can lineup as early as 8% but are requested to be set up by 9:15 a.m. since the Texans make their way to the clinic. A bicycle corral will be put up to direct children and players in the locker room door as they journey east, throughout the Lambeau Field parking lot and around Oneida Street. Texans players will go into the clinic area by means of a gate in the fence enclosing Clarke Hinkle Field.

Texans vs Packers Match Info

Name: NFL preseason week 1
Date: Thursday, August 8
Time: 8:00 pm ET
Venue: Lambeau Field

For the first time lately, a different NFL team has come to town to combine with the Green Bay Packers for clinics during training camp. The Houston Texans have been in Green Bay, and they’ll be heading out to Ray Nitschke Field this morning to get a 10:15 AM practice together with the Packers since the two teams prepare to get their preseason match on Thursday evening.

This is an enjoyable affair, as both groups will take part in the Packers’ bike convention to acquire in the centers at Lambeau Field outside to Ray Nitschke Field. After in the practice, it is going to be intriguing to observe how thoughts trainers Matt LaFleur and Bill O’Brien choose to divide exercises.

Considering that the 2 teams are in various conventions, they rarely play each other in the regular season, and they’re not scheduled to meet again till 2020. That surely assisted the 2 teams to make the choice to join up to both of these days before Thursday’s match.