The beginning of a new Yuga is Italian football

image credit: UEFA

The beginning of a new Yuga is Italian football

Call it the Renaissance of the Italian Empire and the Renaissance of Italian football, the one behind it all. The name is Roberto Mancini. Mancini story is about turning from the rubble, the story is about the history of football, the tradition of forgetting oneself.

Four-time world champions Italy could not overcome the obstacles of the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifiers. For the first time since 1958, Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. In November 2017, the sun was almost setting in the Italian football sky.

When he took over as coach in May 2018, Italian football was plunged into the darkness of despair. At that difficult time, Mancini took the helm and led the team towards the source of light.

Italy is changing at the touch of Mancini's magic wand. The next story seems to defeat the fairy tale as well. Italy forgets to win and forgets to lose. One victory after another comes. Mancini's team started the Euros unbeaten in 27 matches.

In the first match of the Euro group stage, they showed their strength by beating Turkey 3-0. The same picture in the second match against Switzerland. Italy won 3-0.

Mancini changed the character of the whole team by getting out of the traditional defensive football. Of course, he did not bury the defense. He hid the attack under the sleeve with a bird's eye view. Which just came out at the right time.

With the exception of the semi-final match against Spain, Italy has won every match in this year's Euros. However, Mancini's biggest test was in the final match.

Italy's opponent at Wembley is England. Italy are unbeaten in the final of the previous 33 matches. The tiebreak broke the hearts of thousands of Wembley English fans and snatched the title from their homes. For the second time since 1986, Mancini's magic wand is Europe's best Italy.