The Champions League final will not be held in Istanbul this time

The Champions League final will not be held in Istanbul this time

May 30, that is, tonight was to be the final of this year’s Champions League. The final was scheduled to take place at the Kamal Atatর্কrk Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, where Liverpool stunned AC Milan in 2005 to win the Champions League. However, due to coronavirus, the plan is being changed.

Like all other competitions, the Champions League has stopped due to coronavirus. When it will end, how it will end, whether it will end at all, no one knows. However, UEFA is working hard to end the current season. However, a responsible official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the New York Times that UEFA had decided not to hold the final at the venue in Turkey due to the coronavirus infestation.

Discussions are also going on about which ground will be held if not in Istanbul. They will make a final decision in this regard in consultation with Turkish officials. Next time, Turkey must be allowed to host another final.

The teams participating in the Champions League were given total prize money of 200 crore Euros last season. This time too the figure will be around him. UEFA will face huge financial losses if it does not finish the current season of the Champions League.

Domestic leagues like the German League have already started following the hygiene rules. The Spanish League, the English Premier League, and the Italian Serie A are scheduled to start again. The Champions League does not want to be left behind.

Meanwhile, according to Spanish media, this year’s Champions League final may be held in Lisbon, Portugal, after being removed from Istanbul. A UEFA spokesman said: “In the meantime, a working committee has been set up comprising representatives of various leagues and clubs to discuss when and where the rest of the Champions League matches can be played. No final decision has been made yet.