The cyclone is gone, and Rajkot is less worried about the Bangladesh-India match

The cyclone is gone, and Rajkot is less worried about the Bangladesh-India match

Bangladesh won Gujarat in Delhi. Tigers are going to land in Rajkot to overcome the pollution of the capital. Before that, the cyclone became ‘great’. Due to this, the possibility of cancellation of the match has also been created. However, the stadium authorities are optimistic about the match.

Bangladesh team was flying from Delhi’s air pollution to Rajkot in a cyclone. However, the cyclone ‘Maha’ created in the Arabian Sea has weakened and moved away from the surrounding area of ​​Gujarat. There was no hint of cyclone in Rajkot last night. The sunshine raged in Rajkot from Tuesday morning (November 7).

In other parts of the country, the arrival of winter is playing tune, but it is still hot here. Himanshu Shah, general secretary of the Saurashtra Cricket Association, said there was nothing unusual about the weather. The update report says that the probability of being a match-winner is very low.

Saurashtra Cricket Association grounds Bangladesh-India second Twenty20 venue next Thursday evening. The distance to the Arabian Sea is 5 km. Often so, the area of ​​Gujarat is read as a cyclone.

There is a hurricane in the region just before the Bangladesh-India game. If it rains heavy rain can play. But on this afternoon, Himanshu heard the weather report with optimism, ‘a new weather report says it (cyclone) has weakened and gone. We are very optimistic. Even if it is raining in the morning of the match, there is no reason to worry. Because our facilities here are modern. ‘

The amenities are really quite modern. This venue of Rajkot has state-of-the-art drainage system. Himanshui reported that once on the 27th, it was raining here till 3:30 pm. But by removing all the water, the game was started in the evening.

Bangladesh lost the first match of the Twenty20 series in Delhi on Sunday. If they win the second match in Rajkot, they will win the series. For the match-stricken hosts India, this match is a fight to survive.

Results of the first match between Bangladesh and India

Bangladesh went on to win 3-1 against India in a five-match series. The Tigers snatched a stunning win at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in the fame of Shahz Kotla. Mushfiqur Rahim left the field with a win from the crease at the end of the match. Earlier, the veteran batsman gave away 4 runs off 4 balls and four sixes. Before the match, Delhi’s biggest opponent for the two teams was air pollution. Although the Indian team did not talk about pollution, the Bangladesh team practiced wearing masks. The day was filled with suspense over the foggy sky over Delhi. The match ended without any major problems though. The two teams will take to the field on November 7. The second match of the series will be held in Rajkot but the match is likely to be over.