The future of the ICC Test Championship

The future of the ICC Test Championship

The audiences were enjoying the pleasure of T20 cricket. He's turning his back 5 days of cricket. The arena was filled with Test matches in hardly any areas on earth. Subsequently, the ICC called the hallway. The previous two teams will participate in the closing of the World Test Championship, judging from the points of every group's Test series.

Following this initiative of ICC, the excitement of Test cricket has improved over previously. No staff was taking any string lightly anymore. The audiences were returning to the area. The closing of the World Test Championship at 2021.

But because of this Corona epidemic, the Evaluation series have been canceled in several nations. Because of This, the near future of the ICC Test Championship is in the dark. The ICC will take another decision following the new program for the bilateral Exam series is finalized. Geoff Allardice, the bureau's chief cricket operations officer, stated on Monday.

Geoff Allardice said, "We are in talks with member countries to come up with a revised schedule for series that have been canceled due to corona outbreaks around the world," he said. But estimates by a large section of the cricket community may be disproved. The series in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and England has been canceled due to corona infection.

‘The canceled tour of these countries needs to be rescheduled quickly. However, it will be made by the member countries. Not the ICC. It remains to be seen how many countries will be able to come up with new schedules. ”The ICC is working to reach the final of the Test Championship next year. But whether it is possible or not, time will tell."