The offensive X-factor for the Brooklyn Nets is Cam Thomas

Cam Thomas is an outstanding offensive talent for the Brooklyn Nets. Last year, he averaged 10.6 points on 38.3% three-point shooting and 86.8% on free throws. Thomas scored three straight 40-point games last season, becoming the youngest player in NBA history to achieve such a feat. As he approaches his third year, his offense will be an “X Factor” for the Nets. Although he is not always consistent, he has the tools to help elevate Brooklyn.

Soaring Potential

There is no doubt Cam Thomas has the potential to be one of the best offensive players in the NBA. His three straight 40-point games last year are evidence of his ability. Thomas put up 44 points in 29 minutes against the Washington Wizards. Then, he scored 47 points against the Los Angeles Clippers before closing his streak with 43 points against the Phoenix Suns. Take a look at the highlights of his scoring display during this historical streak. Thomas showed his high-level midrange and three-point scoring ability to generate offense for the Nets. Players around the league recognize Thomas as an elite talent. Former Hall of Fame player Kevin Garnett was impressed by Thomas’ display:

Consistency Will Allow Thomas to Ascend

NBA superstars usually have games where they score well above their average, but Cam Thomas’ peaks in scoring were more extreme last year. Multiple NBA players have erupted for 40-point games, but their scoring average is higher. For example, Donovan Mitchell scored 40 points or more in 3 consecutive playoff games last spring. The difference between Mitchell and Thomas is Mithcell’s season average was 28.3 points compared to Thomas’ 10.6. Thomas needs to score on a high level more consistently. He should aim to nearly double his points per game to maintain himself as an offensive threat.

Working on Defense

One of Cam Thomas’ most significant weaknesses is his defense. Out of 96 shooting guards, Thomas ranked 88th in ESPN’s defense plus-minus stat last season. At 16.6 minutes per game, Thomas does not get the same playing time as a starter, but he still needs to improve his play on defense to solidify himself at the next level.

It seems as though Brooklyn uses Thomas as a spark plug scorer off the bench, so even with below-average defense, Thomas is valuable. Still, at 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, Thomas has the physical tools as well as the mentors in Brooklyn to take his defensive play to another level.

Last Word: Cam Thomas Can Push The Nets Higher

Cam Thomas can help the Nets make a deeper regular season and postseason run. He has demonstrated his offensive talent but needs more consistency to be a greater contributor to the team. While his best asset is his offense, working on his defense will allow him to become a better all-around player. Fans and players around the league are anxious to see his improvement this Fall in Brooklyn. Within time, he will go from an “X Factor” to a true star.

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