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The shooting of James Cameron movie ‘Avatar 2’ is going to start after a long break

The shooting of James Cameron movie 'Avatar 2' is going to start after a long break

The sequel to one of the world’s most acclaimed movies, Avatar 2, is coming next year. Science-fiction Avatar is directed by James Cameron. The shooting of James Cameron’s movie ‘Avatar Two’ is going to start after a long break. The shooting will be in New Zealand. James Cameron arrived in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday on a chartered plane with a crew of 54, including 50 crew members.

The shooting of ‘Avatar Two’ is about to start. The shooting was scheduled to begin in New Zealand before the Corona virus spread. The director also completed the preparation in New Zealand. But then the work was stopped. But now that the lockdown has eased, the director has flown to New Zealand on a special flight with a team of 50 people thinking of shooting again.

From mid-March, all shootings in New Zealand were stopped to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, work on the movie ‘Avatar Two’ was stopped. The lockdown has been lifted in New Zealand for shooting to save the film and television industry. So the photo shooting is starting again.

It is known that the shooting will have to follow all the warnings of the Coronavirus. Disney is serving the movie ‘Avatar 2’. The movie will be released on 16 December 2021.

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