The US government has filed a lawsuit against the popular search engine Google

The US government has filed a lawsuit against the popular search engine Google

The lawsuit was filed by the Trump administration alleging breach of trust, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

According to the international media, this is the biggest case so far.

The Justice Department accused Google on Tuesday of illegally protecting its monopoly over search and search advertising, the government’s most significant challenge to a tech company’s market power in a generation and one that could reshape the way consumers use the internet.

In a much-anticipated lawsuit, the agency accused Google of locking up deals with giant partners like Apple and throttling competition through exclusive business contracts and agreements.

In 2019, Google earned 134.8 billion from advertising alone - 84 percent of Google's total business. Analysts fear the lawsuit could put Google's advertising market at risk.

Recently, US President Donald Trump promised his supporters that certain organizations would be held accountable for suppressing conservative voices. The lawsuit was probably funded by Google.

The U.S. Department of Justice has been conducting anti-trust investigations against four technology giants, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, for more than a year.


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