The WWE Women’s Tag Championships’ Curse

Piper Niven is your winner of Chelsea’s Got Talent. On Raw, this past week, the “long-awaited” search was over for Chelsea Green when Niven claimed the other half of the tag championships. It could be an incredibly entertaining pairing, but one wonders if the curse will fall upon them as well.

Since the inception of the women’s straps, there have been various instances where some form of calamity befalls the champs. Through injury, backstage politics, or lack of credibility there seems to be an ominous cloud hanging over top of anyone who holds the championships.

Calling it a curse may be going a bit extreme, but it is hard to argue with the history of the straps. For starters, the championships haven’t been taken seriously since they were introduced. Most of the teams that have been created are thrown together tandems that show little to no chemistry, which has resulted in short reigns. Reigns that have only exceeded 100 days six times in the past four years. Not exactly the best way to treat your championships. Then we can get into more specific instances, most notably the drama that caused Naomi and Sasha Banks to take their ball and go home.

Banks and Naomi won the championships at WrestleMania 38 and seemed poised to enjoy a lengthy run. They were a great duo that had tremendous chemistry and would be a great choice to lead the division. Unfortunately, WWE politics reared its ugly head when both women voiced their displeasure with the direction of the titles, and women wrestling in general. It got heated to the point that Banks and Naomi handed their titles back and left the company. It was a massive blow to the division.

Then there is the issue of injuries. This year alone has seen some significant injuries derail what could have been some great title reigns.

The “Curse” Remains Unbroken

Firstly, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez were a great tandem that went over Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus to win the championships. It was an excellent win for the women but one that lasted only 39 days before Liv Morgan went down with a shoulder injury. It was a devasting blow as the team had tons of legs left in them.

After Morgan, Sonya Deville was the next one to fall under the axe. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville had won the titles a mere weeks ago and the two seemed great together. It was an odd couple pairing that got some increasingly significant reactions from the crowd, but momentum was halted yet again. Deville went down with a terrible ACL injury that will see her out for at least six to eight months.

Now that Niven has taken her place at the side of Chelsea Green WWE, once again, may have something. Their opposites attract team can be a breath of fresh air to the division, but will they fall under the curse of the tag team championships? Only time will tell.

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