Thomas Tuchel is waiting for Messi with open arms

Thomas Tuchel is waiting for Messi with open arms

Messi is not staying in Barcelona - this word has been written millions of times in the last two weeks in various media around the world. PSG's name is also in the list of Messi's new team. Paris coach Thomas Tuchel welcomed Messi to the PSG.

Power in the domestic league has been shown long ago. The goal was to be the best in Europe. PSG has finally stumbled on that goal. Bayern Munich lost 1-0 in the final. But what happens when you lose and break? The plan is to start a new venture again. PSG coach Thomas Tuchel has also left the frustration behind and started planning for the future. And he is the focus of the plan? Lionel Messi!

If Messi leaves Barca and if possible, PSG wants to buy him at any cost. In response to a question from reporters after the Champions League final, PSG coach Thomas Tuchel said directly that they were ready to welcome Messi at any cost.

He said the clubs will get less rest next season. That is why we have to build a much stronger team. They decided they would not talk about changing teams before the end of the season. However, in a day or two, they will sit down with the PSG board to discuss the purchase of footballers. The German coach said of Messi, "Which coach doesn't want him? But I think he will end his career at Barcelona. Messi is Mr. Barcelona. '

Messi joined Barcelona at the age of 13. He has scored 634 goals in 730 appearances since playing for Barcelona's senior team in 2004. At the same time, Messi has won a total of 33 titles for Barcelona. At this stage, the 33-year-old footballer has entered the last year of his contract with Bara.