TikTok has crossed the 200 crore milestone

TikTok has crossed the 200 crore milestone

Various songs, dialogues of famous movies, and various funny audios can be made into short videos and uploaded to the TikTok app. TikTok users have been growing rapidly over the years.

In terms of popularity, TikTok has overtaken Facebook long ago. This time the app for making videos is going to surpass WhatsApp. The app has been downloaded more than 100 crore times in just 15 days. In all, TikTok has crossed the 200 crore milestone.

TikTok authorities say they’ll let TikTok users make a living from this platform. The program’s content creators have started experimenting with new features to permit them to include e-commerce website links to their accounts. With the inclusion of the attribute, content creators will have the ability to make money with videos.

Many people on the planet are under house arrest because of coronavirus. And at the moment the majority of the time is spent online for a way of amusement. TikTok got the advantage of it. According to specialists, this is ordinary.

In comparison to 2018, the amount of Hurry downloads has risen by 13% this past year. Obviously, the earnings of Tiktak has also improved. Lately, Indians have made a large contribution to the massive popularity of Tiktak. Its distinctive download in your Play Store in the nation has attained 61.10 million.