Tommy Fury rejects Jake Paul’s new offer

Tommy Fury rejects Jake Paul’s new offer

Tommy Fury was booked to battle Jake Paul on August 6 at the notorious New York boxing field Madison Square Garden. Nonetheless, Fury will not have the option to show up at the occasion reason for a visa boycott issue. To keep this battle alive Paul by and by offers another arrangement to Fury and this time the conflict will happen in the UK. In any case, Fury dismisses the new battle proposition of Paul.

Tommy Fury is one of the rising stars in boxing with a weighty boxing family ancestry. He is the star of Love Island as well. The 23 years of age Brit star was first booked to confront Paul keep going year on December 18. Tragically, the session got counterbalanced cause Fury was constrained of the conflict for having a rib injury.

After Fury pulled out of the principal fight, they rescheduled their battle date to August 6 which was set to occur in New York. Paul and Fury have still one month left before the last day shows up. Sadly, their battle dropped off again as Fury don't get a visa of entering the USA.

After the battle got dropped, Fury said on his virtual entertainment, "I'm destroyed and disheartened concerning the issues I have confronted with section into the USA. This is the kind of thing that myself or my group might have never expected to occur. This present circumstance has been left with my legal counselors as being denied passage to a nation is clearly an intense issue and it needs to hence be settled."

At the point when the battle originally got dropped Paul battled against Tyron Woodley. Besides, Paul guaranteed his fans that he will initially battle against a major name in boxing and afterward will moved to other battle plans. To stay faithful to his obligation, Paul needs to keep the battle opportunity alive among him and Fury.

Subsequently, Paul quickly offers Fury a battle in the UK in the wake of being educated about Fury's visa issue. Paul said to organize the battle around August 6.
In the August booked battle, Fury was set to acquire 2 million bucks. Furthermore, Paul said he will take 75% of the offer from the UK offered battles.

Fierceness will acquire 500,000 bucks from this session. Furthermore, that is the reason Fury dismissed the UK-based battle offer. Paul said to cut Fury's portion by saying pay-per-view deals and sponsorship pay would be decisively lower in the event that the session occurred in the UK.

Fierceness composed on his Twitter, "I wouldn't get up to battle you for $500k. Tell me when you're prepared to have a serious discussion."

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr Fight

Instead of Tommy Fury, Jake Paul’s plan is now to fight Hasim Rahman Jr. Rahman’s father was one of the best boxers in the world and a respected person in boxing. Senior Rahman trained his son in boxing.

Rahman is a far more dangerous opponent for Paul than Fury. Fury holds an 8-0 record where Rahman holds 12-1. His only loss came from the fight against Kenzie Morrison. Rahman ranked in the thousands in boxing whereas Fury ranked in the millions. So the fight will be really tough for Paul.

Paul should take the bout even though Rahman will be in the favourite position. But if Paul could emerge victory over Rahman then people will start to take him as a serious boxer.