Tony Ferguson: Dana White's management as a 'drug dealer'

Tony Ferguson: Dana White's management as a 'drug dealer'

Tony Ferguson will confront Michael Chandler this end of the week at UFC 274. He needs to cause his wrestling characteristics to address win this battle. Tony Ferguson is in a negative twisting on a three-game series of failures in the UFC, yet in spite of this, Michael Chandler doesn't trifle with him and accepts that Ferguson has not lost his hand.

I require this end of the week genuinely. I will kick this Dana White's c** and show her who I am. Ferguson looks extremely agitated about the treatment he gets from the UFC. Will this hatred transform into positive energy to beat Michael Chandler in the UFC? Answer Sunday.

In a pre-battle question and answer session, Tony Ferguson forcefully scrutinized the administration of Dana White's competitors. He additionally withdrawn White's explanation about fighters' compensations.

“Dana said something the other day saying that boxers are overpaid. I asked Dana to box, and he said, ‘put***’ no, I said, ‘why I want to play baseball, I want to go to other pro sports, I’m an athlete.

I grew up in different sports at a very high level and won a state football championship ring. I’m from Grand Valley State University and a wrestler. I want to do professional wrestling. I have Brock Lesnar, my uncle Brock watching me.

I want to do all these things, but this guy here behaves like a drug dealer and tells me I can’t go and controls everything I do.

Tony Ferguson continued:
“You earn your money by winning, showing yourself, and performing well. I guess we’re paid in crypto; they’re following the trend.

They wait for everyone to express themselves; they stay all the time like this. I am waiting for insurance. I’ve been in this sport for a long time, I had a bad fall, and they took my title.

“Then, when it comes to this, and I’m stripped of my title because I had a bad fall by accident, I should have filed a complaint.

But what I did was I felt suitable for my company; I wanted to be a man, to make sure everyone knew I could get by without anyone’s help.

So, it’s a little weird to keep coming here, smiling, and seeing that they use my image on the poster as if I have great value. When I saw that the UFC didn’t think my value was so high, I had to increase it in other ways, including social media.