Tony Parker, the first Frenchman to join the basketball hall of fame

France, land of the Enlightenment. Seat of cooperation between the elegant and the popular. Hexagon of creativity, inspiration and audacity, where the champions of the greatest disciplines are born. Here is one.

Saturday evening, Tony Parker will become the first French player in history to enter the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame. A sort of pantheon of basketball players. Not a kind actually, just a pantheon of basketball players. For very novices, only 195 players have been inducted since its first class in 1959 . » . First, we know very well that no one makes this kind of statement. However, it is pleasant to invent a counterpoint to introduce its explanation. The Hall of Fame brings together players, but above all stories and personalities. It’s the sentimental vault of the NBA.

Tony Parker, we’ve talked about him a thousand times and already dissected all the charm of his career: 28th choice of the 2001 Draft, an inspiration from beyond signed Gregg Popovich, and a trophy cabinet as full as a slim Uncle Guerschon.

He is one of the fathers of the tear drop , a small one-handed floater with both feet anchored to the floor. His career Top 10 is not one of the most spectacular, “the fault” of a style of small millimeter weasel, which rarely extricates itself from collective systems; but he uses his speed so well – hesitations, start & stop , love at first sight when leaving the screen – that a career that was announced for lambda has turned into a jewel of competition over 18 seasons.

With 1254 matches between 2001 and 2019, Tony Parker has the 47th most career minutes in NBA history. A ranking symptomatic of the professionalism shown by the French leader throughout his career. The latter has never played less than 55 games in a regular season! His average number of matches per exercise is… 70. He is rarely mentioned among the deserving players of this century – who have fought both regularly and in the Playoffs – but Tony is one of them. With a title of MVP of the Finals 2007 in addition.

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