Top 5 Most Hottest Female Snooker Referees

Top 5 Most Hottest Female Snooker Referees

Females are currently turned into a significant piece of each and every industry as they add more intensity to the occasions. Regardless, of what will be the game, excellence is dependably a source to get more perspectives and at last more cash.

Hence, snooker likewise pursues a similar direction and concede female players as well as refs and authorities. Here is the most sweltering female snooker arbitrators list who advanced in the business based on their ability as well as charm.

Numerous female officials entered the snooker business however just not many advanced toward the achievement attributable to their ability. Also, they got commendable agreements for their exhibition and sponsorships for their magnificence. The following are these well-known officials.

Proletina Velichkova

Another beauty have made her way to become the professional snooker referee. Velichkova is at the top in the list of hottest female snooker referees as she has stunning look and glamorous body shape. Moreover, her beautiful face expressions are enough to add heat to the sorrounding.

The Bulgarian professional refereed her first big event in 2012 and since then, she is performing brilliantly. Now, Velichkova is the permanent member of world snooker tour panel for officiating big matches and events. She is also present among the highest paid snooker officials.

Michaela Tabb

Starting her career as a pool official, she performed magnificently in the top tournaments such as WPA World Nine-ball Championship and the Mosconi Cup. Michaela's brilliant performance took her to the World Snooker Tour in 2001 and meanwhile, she became the most successful sports referee in snooker.

Not only her performance but also her beauty captivate the fans. She received multiple endorsement deals and has done very well in her career to eliminate gender discrimination in sports.

Desislava Bozhilova

Desislava Bozhilova, the professional Bulgarian international snooker referee is now among the highest paid snooker referees. She started her career in 2012 and got early success. Now she is an important part of world snooker tour and has officiated many important matches.

Bozhilova has refereed World Snooker Championship and have officiated many ranking events after passing the exam. 2022 gave her a new way to success as shwe refereed Triple Crown in Masters for the first time in her professional career.

Tatiana Woollaston

Woollaston is currently active and is earning €155k as her base salary. She started her career in 2008 and soon become an important part of the industry. In 2009, Woollaston was picked as the Class 3 snooker referee for European Team Snooker Championship.

Over the years, the Belarusian referee has dominated the snooker world with her amazing performance and beauty. In 2020, she refereed World Championship match for the first time in her career.

Monika Sulkowska

The 34 years old Polish snooker referee is at third in the list as her beauty and glamor caused a great spell over the fans. Sulkowska has started her career as sports journalist and then completed her judging course to become the professional snooker referee.

In 2020, Sulkowska have refereed her first ranking tournament final. In no time, her talent gave her an essential place in the industry and she is now well known referee and is a part of many important contests.