Tsitsipas' controversial criticism of feminism

Tsitsipas’ controversial criticism of feminism

The best tennis player in Greek history and current No. 4 in the world, Stefanos Tsitsipas, sparked a heated discussion on Twitter after he retweeted a statement that said feminism taught males to hate.

Iman Gadzhi, a social media personality, posted a statement that said: “Modern feminism encourages women to despise men. ladies who despise females who are self-assured. Guys are ashamed of being men as a result of this. It makes me very sad to see something so innocent turn into something so sick.

After this message, the tennis player continued with the controversial messages and wrote: “In my opinion, everyone should be equal regardless of their origin, gender, religion, ethnicity or race. Modern feminism has gone from seeking gender equality to an outrage that seeks to put men down. How is that fair?

After this message, an English journalist replied: “ Hello Stefanos, here is a modern feminist. I wonder, what do you base your evaluation on? How have you educated yourself in the feminine experience of life and the world? What is your conception of patriarchy? Happy to discuss this anytime.”

The tennis player did not hold anything back and responded to the journalist again and closed: “I have based myself on some personal experiences and encounters. I have educated myself on the subject by asking friends and acquaintances. I don’t believe in patriarchy. Equality and unity is the solution for everything.”

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