Tulisa talks about Bell's paralysis fight caused by a riding accident

Tulisa talks about Bell's paralysis fight caused by a riding accident

British pop celebrity Tulisa He started his conflict with all the neurological illness of Bell’s palsy following an acute riding mishap caused neurological injury to his or her face.

1st n dubz The celebrity arose at the Monday shipping (March 9) of the united kingdom tv series”free Women”, at which he also disclosed he combats the illness which leads to facial paralysis leading to an incapacity to restrain the facial nerves of those sides.

“I do suffer from Bell’s palsy. The first time was after a serious riding accident and it caused nerve damage,” said the “Young” singer. “There have been times when people have criticized the way I look and my face, not knowing that I am going through a Bell’s palsy attack.”

“Someone online said it looked like I was having a stroke. I have emergency steroids and I know how to handle it.”

Tulisa continued explaining that she is opening up in her struggle to raise awareness about the trolling she has received, as she worries how prolific online abuse has been in the younger generation and the effect it could have on them.

“I think it’s such a big problem with this current generation. It’s not just about celebrities, but about young people who are having fun,” he shared. “Some of the worst comments would be too hard for daytime television. The worst thing you can say about women. I had people who referred to my uncle’s death, my mother’s mental illness, many threats. The lowest of minima”.

Although the singer admitted that she has retaliated in the past, she confessed that she is now “in conflict” and, instead, distances herself from the platforms when things get difficult.

“I published something yesterday but it was for the first time in a few months,” he said. “It seems healthy to take breaks.”