Two NFL players Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have surrendered to police

Two NFL players Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar have surrendered to police

Among those two, Deandre Baker played NFL club New York Giants. The NFL can be referred to as American Rugby.

It’s learned that they had been accused of interfering with money and costly chains of their guests in a national celebration at gunpoint. Then the police began searching for them. Miriam authorities contacted the NFL government and also the accused’s attorney to locate them. Authorities in Miraram posted pictures of both detained in their official Twitter accounts, describing their offenses.

It’s also understood that the quantity of cash looted from these is 12 million US dollars or 9 million 650 lbs. The fiscal value of that is 25 million US dollars.

In a private celebration, guests began arguing over cards and video games, based on authorities detain. Then, Baker and Deandre Took their weapons and began robbing. Another guy later combined them in crimson masks using weapons. Fearing for their own lives, they pushed the guests right into a corner and began robbing everybody’s pockets and took their expensive watches. In the close of the robbery, all three returned separately using their Mercedes Bench, Lamborghini, and BMW.


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