Tyson Fury accepts bet with Jake Paul

Jake Paul Challenges Tyson Fury to Bet $1 Million on Brother Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury and Jake Paul will wager $1 million on Paul's future battle against Tommy Fury, Tyson's stepbrother. However, Tyson Fury doesn't know the YouTube star, who has turned into a media fighter, can pay.

Everything began when Tyson Fury said he would wager $100,000 on his more youthful stepbrother to win his battle against Jake Paul. He expressed it on August 6 at Madison Square Garden. What's more, Jake Paul responded by saying that it wasn't sufficient.

Hello Tyson, put you won $40 million - not however much I did - but rather we should up the ante. We should wager 1,000,000 on that, Tyson. 2,000,000, 3,000,000, but all that you need to wager.

Let’s do it. So go crazy with your $100,000. Let’s make a better bet and make it worth a few million. Are you up for it?

Of course, Tyson Fury did not take long to respond, and he accepted this bet while taking some guarantees:

Hey, Jakey Boy, I heard you wanted a bet bigger than $100,000. Do you want a bigger bet put? Want a million dollars? We will do it. Wave to your buddy. You want a million. You have it.

“But Jakey, I want to see that million dollars on deposit, moron, because I don’t think you have a million dollars. I’m not talking about crypto. I’m talking about real U.S. green bucks. Real US dollars.

Tyson Fury is probably referring to the words of Jake’s brother, Logan Paul. He said his younger brother had lost much money in cryptocurrencies.

As bitcoins lose more than half their value by 2022. Logan even said that his brother was “broke” and that “the financial gains of the past year don’t matter. Jake put everything into crypto – he’s poor.

It is difficult to see clearly in all this, but the fact remains that if this bet is done, there will be pressure on the fighters on August 6.