U.S. court rejects women's footballer's salary claim

U.S. court rejects women's footballer's salary claim

Female footballers claim that male footballers are paid much more than them. This really is the last time that they won the World Cup. Four times whatsoever. He’s won Olympic soccer gold five occasions. The men’s group is overwhelmed with the achievement of their women’s football team in America. The men’s team didn’t win any domain. Their greatest success in the World Cup was the third location, too in the past century, at the very first World Cup in 1930.

Regardless of the skyrocketing difference in global success, male footballers are paid over women. This inequality was burning in the minds of women for quite a very long moment. They also required 6.86 million in reimbursement under the Consolidation Act.

But the court dismissed the case of women footballers last Friday. The judge did not agree that women footballers were paid less than men.

We won’t back down in the struggle for equal rights,” stated Megan Rapinoe, the striker who won the Golden Ball and Golden Shoe to its past Women’s World Cup, also stated in a statement: Giving round the world. That is a good thing to do, and it must end there.

Lawyers made by the Soccer Federation of the USA contended in court that boys’footballers have greater speed, strength, and abilities than women’ footballers; And that is why boys have been compensated more.

Interestingly, the male footballers in the USA openly encourage the requirement for women’s footballers. They strongly criticized that the USSF in their announcement, stating the federation continues to discriminate against women concerning pay and work environment.