UFC has alerted all international fighters: Vaccination against COVID-19 is required

UFC has alerted all international fighters: Vaccination against COVID-19 is required

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, the UFC has alarmed all global warriors that to acquire section into the U.S., full inoculation against COVID-19 is required.

The UFC and eminently, Dana White have demanded that the UFC and its warriors won't be needed to get the COVID-19 antibody. Notwithstanding, beginning Nov. 8 the advancement will confront new snags in organizing battles/trips with unfamiliar soldiers. As per the notice, all global warriors should be completely inoculated to acquire section into the U.S.

A report from MMA Junkie on Tuesday showed that the rule will require unfamiliar warriors to get one of the WHO-endorsed antibodies. Albeit, the UFC has kept up with that it won't constrain self employed entities to get the immunization. With an undeniable effect on unfamiliar warriors, the advancement has handed-off in the notice to make fitting arrangements for the new necessities.

The Las Vegas-based promotion sent out a memo on Tuesday, which stated that international fighters will need to be fully vaccinated or will be unable to compete in the U.S. Specifically, the release indicates that the U.S. government has changed its rules and will now require all international travelers to be vaccinated against the novel virus.

The Chief Business Officer of the UFC, Hunter Campbell reiterated UFC president Dana White’s take on the company requiring the vaccine. In addition, the CBO provided details and a possible workaround.

“You should consider your options, such as traveling to the United States before this new U.S. government policy takes effect, or if you choose, make arrangements to take the appropriate vaccination,” Campbell wrote.

“… This policy takes effect on November 8, leaving very little time to make arrangements if you are fighting on a UFC card in November. If you choose to travel to the U.S. before the new policy takes effect, you will need a waiver if you are traveling from one of the restricted countries. Please contact the UFC Immigration team at (redacted contact information) so we can ensure you have a valid travel waiver in place. … It is unclear at this time what parameters will be applied to U.S. citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) who are not vaccinated.” Campbell wrote.

Some of the specifics of the policy are still being ironed out but it appears the change will have major implications for international flights. Following the policy change, Dana White seemed adamant about the return to Fight Island.