Uncertainty over Chelsea's Champions League journey

Uncertainty over Chelsea's Champions League journey

The owner's name, Roman Abramovich, was the source of Chelsea's strength. Abramovich has established Chelsea as an influential force in the transfer market. His main interest was not to make a profit using the club's brand like the owners of Manchester United or Liverpool, but to see the club strong on the football field. But now Abramovich's involvement has become a nightmare for Chelsea.

Chelsea will face Lille in the last 16 of the Champions League next week. Chelsea won the first leg 2-0 at home. The next leg is on the opponent's field. And this is why they are in danger.

Today, the United Kingdom has decided to seize all of Abramovich's assets. For this reason, a level of expenditure of the club has been determined. You have to burn a lot of wood to go to France and play according to this level.

The United Kingdom has said in a statement that the United States has taken steps to punish Putin's close associates. The UK government's Treasury Department of Financial Punishment announced the sentence in a statement on Thursday. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued a statement calling for tougher measures against Russian tycoons.

Chelsea are in trouble as a result of the ban. Nadine Doris, the UK's culture secretary, said Chelsea would be given "special licenses" for all football-related work. So there is no problem with the English Premier League match with Norwich tonight. But from now on, Chelsea will not be able to sell match day tickets. Only those who have booked tickets for the entire season can now go to Chelsea.

The ban will not initially hurt Chelsea. But other financial sanctions are adding to Chelsea's woes. As a result of the ban, they will not be able to sell match tickets, nor will they be able to sell other products, such as scarves and jerseys. Cannot renew contracts with players.

But the biggest push for Chelsea is the conditions imposed on travel. The Blues will now be able to spend a maximum of £20,000 to travel to the opponent's field. The Telegraph's chief football correspondent, Sam Wallace, tweeted: "Chelsea will not be able to spend more than £20,000 on a" Russia Condition "license. As a result, next Wednesday's Champions League match against Lille raises important questions.

Chelsea players and staff usually boarded chartered planes to play in the Champions League, and stayed in five-star luxury hotels before and after the match. From now on that will not be possible. Because, it only costs more to play a Premier League match, that is, to come back from a one-day match in the UK.