Undefeated boxer Tyson Fury

Undefeated boxer Tyson Fury

British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury retained the WBC heavyweight title after losing to compatriot Dillian White on Saturday. Participating in 32 fights in his career, he is undefeated.

After the victory, Fury said that he has won all the belts he has won in boxing So he hinted that he would not return to the ring Of course, Fury 6 has come back with the announcement of retirement even before this

Meanwhile, his wife Paris has said that Fury can return to the 'unification fight'

In boxing, four heavyweight competitions are considered important The other three are WBA, IBF and WBO, except for WBC who won on Saturday in Fury. If there is a fight between the best of the two competitions, it is called unification fight.

If Fury plays and wins the Unification Fight, he will be the first undisputed heavyweight champion after Linux Lewis. The undisputed champion is said to have won the WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO belts at the same time.

Fury, 33, has fought 33 fights so far Of these, 32 have won (23 knockouts) and 6 have been drawn.

Fury's professional boxing career is about 14 years He was away from the game for three and a half years Because at that time he was suffering from mental problems He was addicted to drugs and depressed He also wanted to commit suicide once