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Urban Meyer is Attending an NFL NFC East Game Today

Urban Meyer is Attending an NFL NFC East Game Today

Nikel Hemron
Nikel Hemron

City Meyer was rumored to be about the listing of applicants to its Cowboys head coaching project once Dallas finally flames Jason Garrett.

Even the Cowboys are not the only real NFC East club at the mind training market plus they aren’t exactly the only crew thinking about selecting the previous Ohio State head coach. The Dallas Cowboys may possibly be the only real NFL franchise enthusiastic in selecting previous Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer that this off season. The other NFC East franchise may allegedly earn a run in the strangest federal winner head trainer. Even the Washington franchise allegedly has attention in Meyer.

Urban Meyer will attend  NFL NFC East Game

“previous Ohio State head trainer is an immense focus on for NFL groups on the lookout for new trainers, also Dwayne Haskins in QB, Redskins would really like to property Meyer,” JP Finlay reports. Meyer’s title has surfaced in rumors because a possible candidate to its open project in Washington lately also has been towards the very top of enthusiasts’ lists earlier that. He coached Haskins in Ohio State, at which he won a name and proceeded 83-9 within his 7 decades at Columbus.

He retired by the Buckeyes by the ending of this 2018 time of year, citing medical factors. Just before his period at Columbus, Meyer invested years in the helm at Florida, at which he even traveled 65-15. He resigned out of this app from ’09, additionally mentioning health causes during the moment; point.

Nikel Hemron

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