USA Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships 2022: Schedule, TV Coverage

USA Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships 2022 Live Stream

The 2022 USA Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships Tuesday, July 26, and run through Saturday, July 30. The most anticipated race may be the 200m free, which she did not contest at worlds but could add back to her program ahead of Paris.

Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, Ryan Lochte, and Caeleb Dressel all hold different records at this competition, and observers make certain to see probably the quickest and most remarkable swimmers on earth take to the pool in Irvine in July.

2022 USA Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships Schedule

Day 1: Tuesday 26 JulyDay 2: Wednesday 27 JulyDay 3: Thursday 28 JulyDay 4: Friday 29 JulyDay 5: Saturday 30 July
Women's 200m Butterfly HeatsWomen's 200m Freestyle HeatsWomen's 400m Individual Medley HeatsWomen's 400m Freestyle HeatsWomen's 1500m Freestyle Heats
Men's 200m Butterfly HeatsMen's 200m Freestyle HeatsMen's 400m Individual Medley HeatsMen's 400m Freestyle HeatsWomen's 200m Individual Medley Heats
Women's 100m Freestyle HeatsWomen's 200m Breaststroke HeatsWomen's 100m Butterfly HeatsWomen's 100m Breaststroke HeatsMen's 200m Individual Medley Heats
Men's 100m Freestyle HeatsMen's 200m Breaststroke HeatsMen's 100m Butterfly HeatsMen's 100m Breaststroke HeatsMen's 800m Freestyle Heats
Women's 800m Freestyle HeatsWomen's 200m Backstroke HeatsWomen's 400m Individual Medley FinalWomen's 100m Backstroke HeatsWomen's 50m Freestyle Heats
Men's 1500m Freestyle HeatsMen's 200m Backstroke HeatsMen's 400m Individual Medley FinalMen's 100m Backstroke HeatsMen's 50m Freestyle Heats
Women's 200m Butterfly FinalWomen's 200m Freestyle FinalWomen's 100m Butterfly FinalWomen's 400m Freestyle FinalWomen's 1500m Freestyle Final
Men's 200m Butterfly FinalMen's 200m Freestyle FinalMen's 100m Butterfly FinalMen's 400m Freestyle FinalWomen's 200m Individual Medley Final
Women's 100m Freestyle FinalWomen's 200m Breaststroke FinalWomen's 100m Breaststroke FinalMen's 200m Individual Medley Final
Men's 100m Freestyle FinalMen's 200m Breaststroke FinalMen's 100m Breaststroke FinalMen's 800m Freestyle Final
Women's 800m Freestyle FinalWomen's 200m Backstroke FinalWomen's 100m Backstroke FinalWomen's 50m Freestyle Final
Men's 1500m Freestyle FinalMen's 200m Backstroke FinalMen's 100m Backstroke FinalMen's 50m Freestyle Final

How To Watch USA Phillips 66 National Swimming Championships 2022

Prelims start each day at 9 a.m. PT and finals get underway at 5 p.m. PT. The addition to the above broadcast, live prelims will be streamed daily on, beginning at noon ET.

Here is the official broadcast schedule:

DateTime ETTV Channel
Day 1: Wednesday 27 July8 p.m.Olympic Channel/Peacock
Day 2: Wednesday 27 July8 p.m.Olympic Channel/Peacock
Day 3: Thursday 28 July8 p.m.Olympic Channel/Peacock
Day 4: Friday 29 July1 p.m. To 8 p.m.Olympic Channel/CNBC
Day 5: Saturday 30 July12 p.m. To 5 p.m.NBC/CNBC