USFL Schedule 2022: Everything to know, How to watch

USFC Schedule for 2022-23

The 2022 USFL Inaugural will take place at the Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama. First, on Saturday, April 16. Stranger Things Season 4 isn’t the only thing bringing a dose of 80s nostalgia this year. The USFL is making a comeback this weekend for the first time since ceasing operations in 1986. This iteration of the USFL will be Brian Woods’s third attempt to have a successful NFL alternative league. Woods’s failed Fall Experimental Football League (2014-2015) and The Spring League (2017-2021) were only professional football by name.

The FXFL folded after a lawsuit due to players not being paid. The Spring League infamously offered no pay nor covered expenses. But this time Woods has something he’s never had before “Financial Backing” FOX Sports has pledged $200 million in support. This time is hopeful with a TV deal and FOX Sports backing the USFL looks poised for a successful season.

The USFL would be the first professional alternative league to finish a season since the XFL in 1999. Football enthusiasts will have July 3rd marked on their calendars hoping the USLF championship game is played as planned. In 2019 football fans across the country embarrassed the Alliance of American Football only for them to fold midway through the season. In 2020 came the 2nd iteration of the XFL with decent TV ratings and large crowds in Seattle and Bermingham. The XFL’s season was cut short when Covid-19 protocols shut down all sports, the league is planning a 2023 return.

USFL In A Bubble

The eight teams of the USFL all have city names but all games will be played in Birmingham Alabama. According to the league next season four teams will play games in their home cities and the rest in the next season. This is quite ambitious for the league as it will be hard for them to find stadium deals for eight teams. The three postseason games are scheduled to be played in Canton, Ohio, because of scheduling conflicts in Birmingham. It will be impressive and beyond expectations, if the teams do move to their respective home cities.

USFL Coaching Spotlight

The highest-profile USFL Coach belongs to the Michigan Panthers in Jeff Fisher. The 63-year-old former Rams Head Coach is coming out of retirement to lead the Panthers on the gridiron. When asked about his thought on returning to coaching Fisher said,

“I’ve been out of coaching for a few years now, but I’ve watched it at every level, and I’ve come to realize that I miss it,”

“During my time away, I was blessed to do a lot of cool things, and I’ve caught plenty of fish, but there’s a void there. So, I’m excited about the opportunity to fill that void by coaching in the USFL and getting back on the sidelines”

The Tampa Bay Bandits also have a former NFL head coach, Todd Haley will lead the team. In recent years Haley coached Florida high school football. Kirby Wilson makes his head coaching debut with the Pittsburgh Maulers having two Superbowl rings under his belt. The other teams are led by former college and alternative league coaches.

2022 USFL Schedule & How to watch

You can watch the 2022 USFL games via online, which also makes it easy to see which games will air on which streaming services or networks, like ABC, FOX, NBC, USA Network, FS1 channel in the United States.

Don’t have cable connection? No worry! We found a few of the legit ways to catch your local teams play on game day, viewer's can watch USFL games live stream via Gamepass.TV.

There will be a ten-week schedule with 4 games each week. The top two ranked teams from each division will face each other in semifinal playoff games. The two winners of those games will face each other for a USFL Championship Game.

Week 1

GameDateTimeTV Channel
New Jersey Generals vs Birmingham StallionsApril 168 p.m. ETFox, NBC
Houston Gamblers vs Michigan PanthersApril 1712 p.m. ETNBC
Philadelphia Stars vs New Orleans BreakersApril 177 p.m. ETUSA
Tampa Bay Bandits vs Pittsburgh MaulersApril 173 p.m. ETFS1

Week 2

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Michigan Panthers vs New Jersey GeneralsApril 228 p.m. ETUSA
Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia StarsApril 2312 p.m. ETFox
Birmingham Stallions vs Houston GamblersApril 237 p.m. ETFS1
New Orleans Breakers vs Tampa Bay BanditsApril 243 p.m. ETNBC

Week 3

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Tampa Bay Bandits vs Houston GamblersApril 304 p.m. ETFox
Pittsburgh Maulers vs Michigan PanthersApril 308 p.m. ETFox
Birmingham Stallions vs New Orleans BreakersMay 12:30 p.m. ETUSA
New Jersey Generals vs Philadelphia StarsMay 18 p.m. ETPeacock

Week 4

GameDateTimeTV Channel
New Jersey Generals vs Pittsburgh MaulersMay 6-8TBATBA
Houston Gamblers vs New Orleans BreakersMay 6-8TBATBA
Philadelphia Stars vs Michigan PanthersMay 6-8TBATBA
Tampa Bay Bandits vs Birmingham StallionsMay 6-8TBATBA

Week 5

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Birmingham Stallions vs Philadelphia StarsMay 13-15TBATBA
Michigan Panthers vs Tampa Bay BanditsMay 13-15TBATBA
New Orleans Breakers vs New Jersey GeneralsMay 13-15TBATBA
Pittsburgh Maulers vs Houston GamblersMay 13-15TBATBA

Week 6

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Houston Gamblers vs New Jersey GeneralsMay 21-22TBATBA
Michigan Panthers vs Birmingham StallionsMay 21-22TBATBA
Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Orleans BreakersMay 21-22TBATBA
Tampa Bay Bandits vs Philadelphia StarsMay 13-15TBATBA

Week 7

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Birmingham Stallions vs Pittsburgh MaulersMay 28-29TBATBA
New Jersey Generals vs Tampa Bay BanditsMay 28-29TBATBA
New Orleans Breakers vs Michigan PanthersMay 28-29TBATBA
Philadelphia Stars vs Houston GamblersMay 28-29TBATBA

Week 8

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Houston Gamblers vs Tampa Bay BanditsJune 3-5TBATBA
Michigan Panthers vs Philadelphia StarsJune 3-5TBATBA
New Orleans Breakers vs Birmingham StallionsJune 3-5TBATBA
Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey GeneralsJune 3-5TBATBA

Week 9

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Houston Gamblers vs Birmingham StallionsJune 11-12TBATBA
New Jersey Generals vs Michigan PanthersJune 11-12TBATBA
Philadelphia Stars vs Pittsburgh MaulersJune 11-12TBATBA
Tampa Bay Bandits vs New Orleans BreakersJune 11-12TBATBA

Week 10

GameDateTimeTV Channel
Birmingham Stallions vs Tampa Bay BanditsJune 18-19TBATBA
Michigan Panthers vs Pittsburgh MaulersJune 18-19TBATBA
New Orleans Breakers vs Houston GamblersJune 18-19TBATBA
Philadelphia Stars vs New Jersey GeneralsJune 18-19TBATBA


DateTimeTV Channel
June 253 p.m. ETFox
June 258 p.m. ETNBC/Peacock


DateTimeTV Channel
July 37:30 p.m. ETFox

Overall, the USFL schedule will consist of ten weeks with four games each week, with all games played in Birmingham, Ala. The regular-season will conclude on Sunday, June 19.

The USFL Playoff Schedule is scheduled to begin on Saturday, June 25 with the top two teams in each division squaring off in semifinal contests. Winners of the two semifinal games will advance to the 2022 USFL Championship Game, which will be played on Sunday, July 3. All playoff games this season will be played at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio.